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Training & Service


Alutherm has the following training courses available:

1. Central heating boiler, general

a. For: installers, consultancies, etc.
b. Content: Appliance operation and specific features of interaction with the installation
c. Duration: approx. 1/2 day

2. Control system functionality

a. For: installers and service engineers
b. Content: all details regarding controls how this works and regulates functions.
c. Duration: approx. 1/2 day

3. Explanation of initial commissioning and Scios (Dutch foundation for Certification, Inspection and Maintenance of Combustion Plants).

a. For: installers
b. Duration: approx. 1/2 day, partly in the lab.

4. Hybrid

a. For Installers and consultants
b. Content: Explanation of the system for both installation integration and general operation of hybrid regulation
c. Duration: 1 day
d. Explanation of SCOP yield, EN 14825, subsidy ISDE, commissioning (we do it!!) and Scios.

Need more information about the options?
Please email us: info@aluthermheating.nl


Alutherm can provide you with optimal service at all levels. This is carried out by Alutherm and/or by its partners.



Initial Commissioning

Inspection and