ALUTHERM Heating: a reliable partner

LARGE ON A SMALL SURFACE Alutherm heating is the specialist when it comes to gas-fired central heating boilers with aluminum heat exchangers. with a complete range of boilers from 170 to 2200 kW (all CE approved of course). All parties agree that gas consumption must and will be reduced. “It is especially important how we are going to achieve our goals,” says Roel Schurink, advisor at Alutherm heating. “We still have a long way to go and gas-fired central heating boilers will continue to be badly needed for the time being. Especially if we take the huge replacement market into account. Moreover, you cannot install a heat pump everywhere.” Alutherm heating mainly supplies to the larger installation companies and that is of course not so strange in view of the power and size of the boilers. Unique in this story is the central heating boiler with 2200 kW. “This boiler has no auxiliary burners, but atmospheric burners and that can be called very special.”

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