Alutherm D 2200


One of the largest HR member boiler in the world

Based on the revolutionary design of its predecessors, the Alutherm B 350-600 and C 850-1050-1250, we have developed the Alutherm
D2200, the largest cast aluminum member boiler on the market. Our innovative manifolds (Tichelmann system) and
the condensate tray are built into each casting. This means that there are fewer components, which increases reliability.
The supply and return pipes both run out of the boiler at the rear. Our patented heat exchanger consists exclusively
from a molded front, back and center piece. A power of up to 2200 kW can be achieved.


  • For industrial use (XXL)
  • Low hydraulic pressure drop due to parallel flow
  • High modulation range
  • Low air resistance and flue gas side resistance
  • Best value for money
  • Fully water-cooled combustion chamber
  • Global patented design
  • Manifolds (Tichelmann system) and condensate tray built into the castings: long service life
  • Unprecedented high power per m2


Nominal power 2200 kW
Return tax 30% 108,3%
Length 2159 mm
Width 1100 mm
Height 2463 mm
Weight: 1740 kg
NOx (n=1) Class 6
Water pressure 6 Bar
Maximum flow temperature 90°C
Ø Flue gas connection 400 mm
Sound level according to EN813/2013 art.4 -
One of the largest pre-mix member boiler in the world
High efficiency up to 108,3%
Small footprint 2,89 m2 for 2200 kW