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Alutherm Heating is your reliable partner in comfort and heat. We are specialist in boilers with aluminium heat exchangers for the central heating sector. Alutherm Heating delivers a complete range of boilers from 168kW up to 2200kW, all CE approved. All our boilers are produced, tested and packed with great care and shipped from the south of the Netherlands, where Alutherm Heating is located, to any place in the world.

By working together with strategic partners like Dejatech, Alutherm Heating build up a rich history as a developer and producer of the best condensing boilers in the market. Quality and relaibility are important pillars in our approach to the market.

We want to work in a good collaboration with our customers. Therefore we have a strong base in our organisation to train your people, realise the best service and have the knowledge to assist you in choosing the best boiler for your customer.

Alutherm Heating with her partners is also very innovative and we are leaders in developing and producing renewable products like integrated hybride systems and boilers running on Hydrogen.